Friday, January 10, 2014


The Awesome Learners in second grade have begun to learn about force and motion.  We learned about the two important forces of push and pull.  This afternoon we created "zoomers", a classic toy played with a gentle pull of a string!

First we strung our strings through the center of a disk. 
 Then we tied the ends of our strings together.

 Next, we practiced winding up the string and pulling at either end to hear a humming from the disk in the middle.  It took practice but most of us were able to get it.  The force of pull can be fun!





  1. I have been hearing all about these cool Zoomers and the noises they make when they get going...what a cool idea!
    Jill K.

  2. I think the hand-made zoomers are stoopindis


  3. Zoomers are fun to play with.