Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wheel and Axles

As a part of our force and motion unit, 
Grade Two is learning how simple machines can help make work easier.
We have begun our study with a close look at the wheel and axle

First, we created a wheel and axle with a partner.
Our goal was to create a wheel and axle that traveled the farthest, smoothest and straightest.
Next, we tested them on an inclined plane or ramp (which we will learn more about next week.)
Here are some examples of our creative, collaborative thinking!

As good scientists do, we talked about our findings, analyzed our results and released them on our ramps again and again.

Last, we shared our findings with our friends through the use of our new Simple Machine books!


  1. Those inclined planes, wheels and axels are cool! Anne

  2. I like all of the different ones.