Thursday, January 16, 2014

3D Shapes

We began to investigate the parts of different three dimensional shapes today.

We explored them to start and then learned their names.

Following our exploration, we learned the parts of a 3D shape.  
Most of them have faces, edges, and vertices.

Next we explored our environment to find 3D shapes!

Darius found a thin rectangular prism.

 Helanna found a rectangular prism, too!

Aiden found a third rectangular prism.

 Ian found a fourth!

 Kianni found a sphere!

We all found spheres!

Deven discovered a cylinder on this machine.

Carly was happy when she saw this rectangular prism.  :o)

Audrey spotted a cylinder.

Ian found two 3D shapes on one object!  
There is a cone at the tip of the pencil and the rest of it is a cylinder.

We all took a rest on these three rectangular prisms in the well!  
PHEW!  That was a lot of shape searching!

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