Thursday, April 28, 2016

Amphibian observation

The second grade scientists were lucky enough to have the opportunity to observe two frogs. These frogs lived their entire lives at the Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory. They were well taken care of in their days at the Conservatory. They preserve these frogs in order for scientists likes us to learn from them.

Alex noticed the backbone in this bullfrog!  He found evidence that it belongs to the vertebrate group. 

We had to keep their bodies cold so they were presented on ice packs.  This helped us to observe a few minutes more!

We are pleased to have the fourth grade tortoise, Speedy visit us tomorrow. Three fourth grade ambassadors will accompany Speedy to our classroom. They will foster conversation about his characteristics and care as well as answer our questions regarding the reptile and amphibian groups. Be watching for photos soon!

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