Thursday, June 18, 2015

Second Grade Celebration :o)

We had such a special get-together to celebrate all of our hard work.

Landon is full of smiles with his Mom and Dad!

Jordan is showing his hard work to his Grandma and Mom.

 Cordelia and her dad...

Zoey and her family...

Rylee reading to his proud mom!

Emma is showing off her hard work with her Mom!

Lainey is enjoying sharing her hard work with her Mom and sister.

Ally is full of smiles with her Mom and Dad!

Cheese Rylee!

Keira is sharing her "What a Great Year!" book with her Mom.

Darian's family was so proud of his hard work!

Madison loved having her Mom and brother at our celebration.

Jordan enjoying lunch with his Grandpa.

It felt SO good to have our classroom FULL of families for this special event.

Thank you for ALL your support this year!  :o)

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