Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Northfield Mountain Trip

We visited Northfield Mountain!

First we started our day with a slide show about the creatures we would discover in the pond.

Our leader showed us the correct way to carefully "catch" a pond creature.
 We discovered creatures of all sizes!  
Slugs and Leeches...


Then, we added them to our collection buckets.

 Following our captures, we brought our creatures inside to investigate.

 We looked closely at them through the use of magnify glasses, microscopes and careful observation.

 We took a break for an inside lunch then back outdoors we went!
We broke into groups and played many outdoor games that helped us think about our amazing earth and seasonal changes.

 We learned how to count the years of growth of a pine tree.  Ask your child to teach you!

 Friendly smiles...

What an amazing day of hands-on learning!

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