Tuesday, February 11, 2014

100th Day of School !

 Today was the 100th day of Second Grade!
We celebrated all of our hard work in a "number" of ways.
We partnered up with a friend to complete a "100th Day of School" book.  In this book, we counted by ones, twos and fives to one hundred.  We also thought of 50 pairs of antonyms!  
Many of the students contributed to a 100th day snack by bringing in 100 dried pieces of food to add to a class snack mix.  We enjoyed 1, 900 pieces total!
Lastly, we went on a scavenger hunt for 100 Hershey kisses and efficiently placed them on our hundreds board.  (Don't worry, we didn't eat any!)
Enjoy the smiles...


  1. Does this mean summer is coming soon? I hope so. Happy 100th day !

  2. 1oo day fun!